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Travel Organiser
Travel Organiser
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Silver Design
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Don't rifle, just organise!

Travel light is the thing of the present and Pxper® Travel Organizer [TO] is a lifesaver for all your travel adventures. The ‘TO’ is a kit comprising of 4 Bags - 

  • The Shoe holder - Neatly stacks your footwear in your main travel bag.


  • The Toiletry kit - A lighter and sleeker option for all your toiletries.


  • An Accessories kit - Organises gadget accessories like wires, etc.


  • The Laundry bag - Separates used clothes from fresh clothes.

Pack your things like a pro with Pxper® TO.

Product Details:

  • Weight – 160 gm (Travel light, Live Light)

  • Interior Details – 4 bags with one compartment each.

  • Print – Multi-coloured Printing Possibilities

  • Customization – Yes, selectively possible. (Contact Us for further information)

  • Recyclable – 100%, Without a doubt!

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