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A bag of choice!

Move around with a super light Pxper® Rolla Bag which is available in various styles and recreate your work or shopping spree. This bag is incredibly soft and is recyclable, durable, easy to carry and use, all at the same time!

​Is sustainability your moto? Then get these small handy reusable bags customized for your brand and show the world you care about planet Earth.
With Rolla just a tuck away you are ready to Roll-> Fold-> Go!

Product Details:

  • Weight – 22 Gm. (Yes! That’s true!)

  • Interior Details – One big bag, in rolled up form. Product Size is equivalent to that of a lipstick.

  • Print – Multi-coloured Printing Possibilities

  • Customization – Yes, selectively possible. (Contact Us for further information)

  • Recyclable – 100%

Rolla Bag: Products
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