What's Tyvek® ?

Tyvek® was an accidental discovery in 1865 in the DuPont™ Laboratories. Since then, DuPont™ is the sole company which is able to produce this material. DuPont™ a 220-year-old conglomerate when takes pride in its product then we feel all the more happy and humble to introduce this material to you.
Tyvek® is not paper! It is not fabric! It’s a blend of both, And is 100% recyclable. Due to its remarkable durability, breath-ability, water resistance and resistance to rip or tear features, Tyvek® is accepted worldwide. It is highly impenetrability material with excellent whiteness and good surface stability that can be glued, sewn, and, to a limited extent, ultrasonically seamed and heat-sealed in fabrication.
Let us take your through various forms of Tyvek® and its packaging applications available with us.

Tyvek Rolls


We host a variety of roll sizes being Tyvek® authorized distributors, as Tyvek® primarily is available only in the roll form. Made of 100% high density polyethylene fibers, Tyvek® is manufactured in a unique flash-spinning process without the use of binders. What does this lead to?? A sturdy and rugged sheet structure that exceeds expectation as compared to most conventional packaging materials. Tyvek® inherently is water resistant, inactive to most organic and inorganic chemicals and withstands mishandling and exploitation even under coarsest of weather conditions.

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We make Tyvek® sheets available in various sizes and formats like printed or plain to meet the diverse requirements of our clients. To get a quote or know more Contact Us !


Drawing attention to many with easy to print, colourful and customized graphics, DuPont™ Tyvek® envelopes send out a message of being different and makes your consumers feel a certain way. These envelopes are available in a variety of styles; they are very popular when better packaging appearance is into consideration. When an extra layer of protection is required, it stands as a perfect alternative to other envelopes that are vulnerable to water, moisture and other sorts of damages. Know more – Check Out Tyvek® Envelopes.

The importance of Tag or labels can never be over stressed - be it from statutory requirement or as an essential marketing need. The branding label is the one that all the time reminds the customer of the company's brand and also helps to take care of safety, warning and user instructions till the life of the product is over. Tyvek® labels help the marketers to keep the Tag, the carrier of the Brand to the final user, alive for as long as possible.

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