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Carry it All!

Pxper® is committed to creating a "green" life for people, hence, we present Pxper® pouches. These pouches are designed in a sustainable manner using the natural folds of the material itself.

Pxper® pouches have storage flexibility as they can fit in almost any space and are best to organise everyday knick-knacks, from cosmetics to wires to toiletries to medicines, basically everything

Organize your life with our Carry-All Pouches.

A small solution to big problems.

Product Details:

  • Weight – 6-12 Gm (range for various sizes)

  • Interior Details – Single compartment product.

  • Print – Multi-coloured Printing Possibilities

  • Customization – Yes, selectively possible. (Contact Us for further information)

  • Recyclable – 100%

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