Sometimes all it takes is a special material to reach important solutions. Tyvek® is a versatile material that delivers an exceptional combination of lightweight strength and splendid printing quality. Hence, labels made out of Tyvek® hold exceptional quality with uncountable features which no other material can provide.

Tyvek® labels are very popular in various export industries. Superior strength of Tyvek® labels is required in industries where the labels are stitched to the product. It is required specially in export industries where the want is rough handling and durability, which are the major demanding needs of customers. Tyvek® is also an FDA approved material and is often used for food tags and archival purposes.

Tyvek® labels and tags offer a competitive cost advantage, productivity enhancement, and are easier to use in peak seasons with minimal labour. Tyvek® tags and labels deliver a host of benefits, convenience and value for money over other conventional materials used for tags.

The Features –

  • Outstanding Flexibility

  • Moisture Resistance -

  • Deformation Resistance

  • Low Linting

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Solvent Resistance

  • Mould & Mildew Resistance

  • UV Resistance

  • Soil Resistance

  • Static Considerations

In India, Tyvek® Tags are appreciated by CRIS, Postal Department, ICRISAT and many seed companies. These tags and labels are a preferred choice of many global companies for an array of applications worldwide. Being 100 % Chemically Pure implies that Tyvek® is free from binders, fillers, chemicals and adhesives. So no problem even if animals chew this.

At Shree KDK Enterprise we create customised multi-coloured Tyvek® label solutions for all our clients across industries like Jumbo bag FIBC Industry, Food Industry, Pulses Industry, Cattle/Poultry Feed Industry and many more. Be it any kind of label requirement, at any place across the globe we provide you the best printing solutions. With the help of artworks, we make it a point that within 2 hours you receive a mock creative design of the labels, as per the specifications. And we are known to provide the fastest delivery for your urgent export dispatches.

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