What is a Tyvek® Envelope?

DuPont™ is the producer of Tyvek®. It is made from spun-bonded fibers that gives it exceptional strength and tear resistance. A 60% lighter alternative to traditional paper envelopes, Tyvek® envelopes can cut postage rates when mailing your heaviest, most important documents and hold up in even the most rigorous of mailing conditions, keeping the foreign elements out and your important contents safely inside.

The Features –

  • Lightweight and Strong

  • Water and Moisture Resistant

  • Tear and Puncture Resistant

  • Recyclable Envelope

  • Outstanding printing capabilities

  • Guards heavy and sensitive mailings from moisture and tear

Why Tyvek® envelopes?

Many view envelopes as a product of the past used for letters and mail, but we view it as the present and the future, as an ‘e-commerce transportation tool’. It provides a solution that is alternative to plastic, and by its very construction and sizing, removes the consumers frustration of ‘over packing’.

A Tyvek® envelope stands up to the harshest of conditions. Tyvek's® tear- and moisture-resistant material creates a lightweight yet heavy duty envelope. So, what we get from this is - 

  • Distinct look and feel stands out in the mailbox.

  • Immediately Recognized

  • Tyvek® envelopes hold up in even the most rigorous of mailing conditions

  • Help your mail look great, inside and out

  • Weighs less than the traditional paper envelopes

  • Promote sustainability – it can be recycled after use

  • Provides additional security from tampering

Our team works closely to create the perfect solution, printed or not printed, according to your specifications. We will ensure that your brand is effectively promoted and elevated at every touch point.




All of products are made out of Tyvek® which has enhanced whiteness than any paper and provides maximum security to the envelope’s content. Consistency of our envelopes is paramount to us and a stringent manufacturing criterion ensures this is maintained.

Image by Master Wen